Our Team

Initiators and Coordinators

Severin Schulte:
Severin Schulte is a longstanding German investor in Kenya. He and his son are the owners of the Severin Sea Lodge Hotel on Bamburi Beach and the Severin Safari Camps in the middle of the Tsavo West National Park. As an entrepreneur, Severin believes in environmental protection and technical training according to German standards. With this in mind, he has built an advanced technology and training center called “Green Building” on the hotel grounds. The innovative concept includes a preventive maintenance program for the hotel buildings and machines, which offers the trainees the ideal opportunity to realize their acquired skills. Severin is convinced that education is the key to a self-determined life and is happy about the effects on the trainees in the Severin Craftsman Training Center.

Reto Casanova:
Reto Casanova is a Swiss Investor and Electric Engineer. He stays since nearly 20 years in Kenya and is owner of the nearby family amusement spot Mombasa Go-Kart. By running such a maintenance intensive venture he knows well about the lack of qualified craftsman which on the other hand is a chance for young Kenyans if they only get the right training. Before going to university for his Engineering degree he went himself through a Swiss apprenticeship as Electro Mechanics and was later also an examiner in this field and a part-time lecturer at the university.

Instructors and Trainers:

Our team of 10 instructors and trainers all come with decades of experience. They are certified craftsman and have worked in the education departments of different facilities. Beside these trainers, which work exclusive for the training center, we have all the professionals from the maintenance departments of the Severin Sea Lodge and Mombasa Go-Kart who step in for field works